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Financial Planning Melbourne

Even if your retirement is a lifetime away, starting financial planning sooner will help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind. Appointing a financial planner in Melbourne to handle all your finance for future can be quite beneficial and can ease your work.

Simply put, financial planning is the process of managing your financial affairs in order to help you achieve your life goals. It is a long-term plan which includes understanding your current financial position, setting your financial goals, setting up a time frame to achieve those financial goals, generating an action plan, and implementing the financial plan to achieve the goals. CreditHub has been helping our customers in providing Financial Planning and our Financial Planner in Melbourne can guide you to achieve your investment and retirement goals.

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Benefits of Financial Planning

Financial planning allows you to set short and long-term financial goals. Creating a financial plan will help you get along with the future financial crisis and will equip you to make better financial decisions. Financial planning with the help of professional financial planner in Melbourne can help you achieve your goals and the benefit it has to offer are as follows:

Income: It allows you to manage your income efficiently.

Cash Flow: It helps to increase cash flow by managing your monthly expenditures.

Capital: Better cash flow can lead to increased capital for further investment.

Financial Security: Through financial planning, you get financial as well as family security.

Investment: A good financial planning helps you choose the appropriate investment opportunities.

Explaining the process

Financial well being is important. It’s good to know you have a Credit Hub Financial Adviser in Melbourne on your side. Here is the process of financial planning explained.

Your financial planner will understand your needs, your financial goals and will explain you the process they will follow. At this meeting, you can ask them how they work and how they can help you to meet your needs.

Your financial planner will identify your short and long term goals and make you see the big picture and how financial planning can secure your future. This step will help in creating a financial plan.

Your financial planner in Melbourne will go through your financial situation. He will assess your assets, liabilities, insurance policies, investment plans or tax strategies etc.

After looking at your financial situation, your financial planner in Point Cook will prepare a plan including suitable strategies, products, and services.

Once your financial plan has been drafted, it will be put into action. Your financial planner may work with other specialist professionals such as an accountant.

To keep you on track, your financial plan will be regularly reviewed. This is done because your financial situation, goals, and lifestyle are likely to change over time.

Documentation Checklist

Current Salary: Payslips from the current employer, pension entitlements, tax returns files of last two year if self-employed.

Expenditure: Bills and statement related to housing expenses, food, health, transport, education etc.

Assets: Present residence, personal assets such as jewelry, cars etc., life insurance cash surrender value and other assets

Liabilities: Principal residence mortgage, investment loan, motor vehicle loan, credit card debt etc.

Other Documents: Bank account details, life insurance etc