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FREE Loan Health Check by Credit Hub

Free Loan Health Check

At Credit Hub, We’re here to make your loan experience as great as possible with our service-oriented approach and advanced technology. We have always learned and dedicated ourselves to improving and adapting with time. Last year, we have specially designed a free tool called loan health check to help you work out if your loan is still right for you and help you make an informed decision to benefit from better loan features or a lower rate.

We recommend an annual home loan health check, which could be calendarised at the same time as other milestones, like your tax lodgment or the start of the school year.

What is Credit Hub’s Loan Health Check?

Credit Hub’s free Loan Health Check is a significant part of our ongoing support promise to not only help you find a great deal but to make sure you stay on a great deal the whole time you have a loan. And you’ll be able to access unlimited expert support whenever you need it. This tool is available on our website and our customer portal. And, the best part is that it’s all completely free!

Getting your free loan health check done by Credit Hub is super easy and only takes 2 minutes with our advanced technology. Our expert will follow up with a consultation to see if you are eligible for a better rate. After all, the lower your interest rate, the less money you’ll spend overall on your home loan.

A loan health check helps you understand whether your current loan is in good shape. You will see the comparison between the competitive market interest rate and your own rate and find out how much you can save.

Reasons you would need a loan health check

A home loan health check is a smart option if you are:

  • thinking about reviewing your current home loan rate,
  • looking to reduce or lock in your repayments,
  • looking for better loan features,
  • coming to the end of a fixed-rate term,
  • considering refinancing to consolidate debts,
  • thinking about topping up your home loan,
  • coming to the end of a fixed-rate term,
  • aiming to pay off your home sooner,
  • planning renovations,
  • considering buying an investment property.

We all know that life is always changing. It’s good practice to schedule loan check-ups regularly to make sure that your life changes align with the biggest financial commitments.

Simple and easy process

1: Fill in your loan details

2: Get your loan health result, and see how much you could save

3: Wait for our expert to follow up with a free consultation

4: Take action easily

Got a loan question? Just ask!

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