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Do I Need A Conveyancer Before Making An Offer?

Do I need a conveyancer before making an offer

Before we go ahead with explaining why you need an experienced conveyancer before making an offer, Let’s first understand what conveyancing is and the process of conveyancing in Point Cook.

What is conveyancing?

When we talk about conveyancing, it refers to the sale of real estate from a seller to a buyer. The entire process can also allude to the process wherein a mortgagor provides a mortgage to a mortgagee. A conveyancer will manage the settlement process on your behalf. The completion of the conveyancing process can take up to four to five weeks.

The conveyancing process

There are two sides to conveyancing, depending on whether you want to buy or sell a property. The exact practices and procedures can be different while the general conveyancing process remains the same. The entire conveyancing process involves a number of steps, which usually have strict time frames for each.

If you are interested to know more about conveyancing, we have a minimalist guide to conveyancing to help you get the key information on the conveyancing and the conveyancing process.

Do I need a conveyancer before making an offer?

Now we knew about what conveyancing is and what a conveyancer does. But do you know when you should engage with one? Do you need one before making an offer or wait until the process has started?

The short answer is Yes. You need one before making an offer. Whether you are the seller or the purchaser, you are recommended to engage with the conveyancer sooner rather than later.

For sellers, a conveyancer can help prepare the offer and sales contract, as well as organise any other legally required documentation. They can also assist in determining the most advantageous settlement date long before negotiations with any prospective buyer begins.

For buyers, it’s wise to have an experienced and legally trained conveyancer review the contract. They can identify any important elements that may be present or missing from the Contract of Sale. You need to gain as much information as you can about that property to make an informed decision.

So, it’s best to have contracts reviewed to identify any possible problems before you make a bid or offer. At Conveyancing Hub we believe having a conveyancer to check your contract prior to signing is so critical that we offer contract review for free.

This means there’s no reason for not sending us a copy of your Contract to have it reviewed, which will save you potential problems in the future. Our conveyancers are experienced professionals in their field, they will provide related legal advice on the property transaction and can also prevent you from buying a ‘dud’ property.


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