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A Guide to Professional Services Banking

A Guide to Professional Services Banking

What is professional services banking?

Professional services banking is industry-specific banking services offered to professionals from some industries like specialised tailored loans to medical professionals, loans to accounting professionals, loans to real estate professionals, and loans to legal professionals. It is a vibrant and growing sector of the Australian banking community. Banks and lenders in Australia are increasingly focusing in understanding the behaviour and credit risk in some industries and they are offering tailored financial solution to businesses in these industries to help drive operational and financial efficiencies.

Which professionals can enjoy these benefits?

To name few industries that can enjoy the benefits of professional banking services are:

  • Accounting.
  • Legal.
  • Real-estate.
  • Health care professional.
  • Agri-businesses
  • Insurance broking.
  • Educational institute.
  • Local governments.
  • Faith-based organisation.
  • Non-profit organisation.
  • Franchise.
  • Wholesale Retail & trading businesses.

Why do you need professional banking services?

There are many reasons why professional banking services can be beneficial, whether that has to do with the scale of operations, the business model, or the regulations in certain industries. Lenders are increasingly offering specialised products tailored for professionals in these industries and it is wise to grab the opportunity of the customized solutions and assistance that serves the exact needs.

Apart from general benefits like funding for;

  • Business growths and expansions.
  • For asset finance like buying commercial properties, motor vehicles or machineries.
  • Working Capitals for business.

There are some industry-specific benefits that businesses can enjoy, like;

Accounting business:

  • Tailored and simplified lending policies especially for accounting firms, that unlock the value of the business.
  • Transactional and payment solutions that can be integrated with accounting software packages to make the reconciliation process easier.

Legal businesses:

  • Specialised banking solutions to receive payments from clients through a secure payment gateway.
  • Automated payment reminders that will avoid the hassle of chasing payments.

Healthcare Professionals:

  • An all-in-one payment and on spot claiming solution for healthcare businesses.
  • Acquisition or Expansion of Owner-Occupied Practice Purchase “Patient Base.”
  • Goodwill Redraw for reinvestment purposes.
  • Refinance of existing debt.
  • Funding for start-up clinic.
  • Repatriation of any business-related expenses/investment.
  • Low-Doc Streamline applications available based on case-by-case scenario.
  • Pay-out shareholders loans.

Real estate business:

  • Business finance secured by the business assets that is supported by a specific rent roll policy for acquisition, working capital and succession planning.
  • Specialised trust account for real estate agents.
  • Attractive loan to value ratios (LVR) against rent roll based on a valuation of reoccurring property management income.
  • Flexible replacement solution.


  • Support from specialists in finance, transactions, trade and financial markets.
  • An overdraft account to help agribusiness to manage seasonal cash flow.
  • Specialist bankers and tailored livestock funding solutions to help agribusiness thrive.

How Much Funds Can Be Borrowed?​

The borrowing amount can vary even for professionals from the same industry. There are different criteria based on which lenders will assess borrowing capacity of the firms and are typically based on;

  • a percentage of the valuation.
  • strength of other cashflow.
  • quality of customers.

For example, some of the banks are providing loans of up to 100% of the variable product to medical professionals without Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and giving access to exclusive interest rate discounts.

Banks are also providing loans of up to 65% to accounting and real estate businesses depending on the valuation of the book of the business.

Approaching a broker for professional banking services:

Approaching a broker or going to a lender directly is a personal choice. However, the broker is like a one stop shop and they have access to products of typically more than 50 plus lenders. With so many products to choose from it is easier to decide on the most suitable product according to your needs. To get a detailed understanding of the pros and cons of choosing a broker, please refer to the blog

So, if you are wondering if you are eligible to enjoy the benefit of professional banking services and is looking for a finance consultant to give you more clarity though the process, then call Aman at +61 412 175 700 or Mandeep at +61 401 960 882 from Credit Hub Australia now to discuss your requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the industry our specialist relationship managers will draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to obtain more than just a great finance package for you. Our relationship managers will help you in streamlining your banking needs with the best product available in the market that will maximise cash flow of the business and unlock future opportunities.

Alternatively, to reach Credit Hub Australia you can also talk to our friendly team at 1300 782 944, send us a note at, visit our website and leave your details and we will get back to you. You can also reach us through Facebook with the following link

By: Nitishikha Gogoi Bhuyan