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5 things to keep in mind before planning a holiday

5 things to keep in mind before planning a holiday

Less than two weeks are left for Christmas and we know how excited you’d be to make the most of it. Be it spending time with family, or ticking few things off the bucket list, 2021 is surely going to end on a great note! Keep the following 5 things in mind before you plan a holiday-

Don’t let your credit score get affected whilst making memories

Make sure to automate your Debits, or in simple words, activate your Direct Debits to maintain a good credit score. Credit score is an essential factor in Australia, when it comes to judging your credibility for finance deals, electricity, gas or even phone contracts.

Pay your bills before heading out

Why carry the load with you in the New Year? We’d always advise you to clear all your dues, and not keep them pending for the coming month or wait until you come back from your holidays, because- PRIORITIES.

Budgeting is the key

We all low key know the significance of setting up a budget, most of us do it too, yet only few implement! Making a budget solves half of the problems and avoid 50% of the post-holiday blues, as they say, “Half done is well-done.”

Pre-decide on your accommodation, itinerary, items to buy, and make sure to follow at least 80% of it. This certainly is the key to avoid overspending.

Make a Christmas shopping list

Festivals are synonymous to shopping and we support all the fun involved in it. Make a list of all the gifts you are going to buy for everyone in your family, either before Christmas or from your Christmas holiday destination. This way you can figure out the exact things to buy, which would save your time and money as you would not get distracted to buy unnecessary items.

Keep an eye on deals, vouchers, and discounts

Yes, it’s “that” time of the year. You can get your hands-on numerous deals if you keep a good watch, that can help you save a lot of money. Subscribe to the newsletters, Google the comparisons and choose what suits you the best. This can help you with the shopping you would do before flying to your favorite holiday spot, or to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones.