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5 ideas to diversify your income streams

5 ideas to diversify your income streams

When it comes to your income, everyone just wants to have more than they do. This wish is perfectly normal, especially in difficult and uncertain times, just like now. I believe a lot of people have already realized that it’s hard to rely on a 9-5 job for your entire livelihood. If you are thinking about ways of diversifying your income, we’d like to share 5 ideas to diversify your income streams.

It’s always easy to think, however, the issue is that we don’t do anything about it. Unless you start to make changes, you will only earn the same amount. So, if you are worried about your finances and ready for a brighter financial future, here are 5 ideas to diversify your income streams. Hopefully, you will get some inspirations from these below-mentioned strategies.

Offer a service or sell something

By offering a service or selling something you can create a small side business that you have control. Is there something you can make that people would buy, for example, a knit sweater or scarf, handmade pottery, or a piece of DIY wooden furniture? You may also find some nice products from a cheap supplier, which you can sell to the local market. On the other hand, if you don’t have confidence in selling things, you can offer a service like a freelancer to earn side income doing something you love, such as clean houses or deliver takeaways.

Invest in Real Estate

Rental income can be a strong stream and that’s what people tend to do when it comes to the second source of income. Although it may involve more than simply paying your mortgage. According to the financial specialist, “the benefit of diversifying via real estate can include leveraging a bank’s money to buy property, tax deduction, and appreciation”. Apart from that, you will also get a continuous cash flow.

Affiliate marketing

If you are a website owner, a social media influencer or a blogger who has a certain amount of loyal followers, there is another chance for you to earn extra income, promoting a third party’s product or service by including a link on your website or your social media account. When your followers or visitors click on the link and make the purchase, you are entitled to a commission. Affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income as theoretically you don’t require a lot of effort to add the link. However, realistically speaking, you need to invest a lot of time and energy to create content and build traffic.


When investing in dividend-yielding stocks, you will receive a payment regularly. Companies pay cash dividends on a cash quarterly basis, and all you need to do is own the stock. The only tricky part is choosing the right stocks, which I believe you should seek help from a financial specialist. Alternatively, you can put your money in a savings account at banks, some online banks do offer high yields.

Get a second job

If you are quite worried about your finances, maybe finding a second job is the most straightforward way. You can use the skills you already have and spend a few hours in the evenings and at weekends on your alternative job. Then you have a regular and stable income stream to enjoy.

For people who have not noticed the importance of multiple streams of income, it’s always recommended to think about it. Maybe you are in a fortunate financial situation now or maybe you need to be inspired by some readings.


It’s better late than never. Once you start to add more income streams to your portfolio, you’ll feel more financially secure. Because, if in the worst-case scenario you have lost the regular income, you will still have others to fall back on.  


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